Wednesday, June 9, 2010


1 Samuel 18-19

Saul was so jealous that he wanted to kill David.  David’s only crime was that the Lord was with him, and he behaved wisely.  The people loved him and flocked to him because of it.  But Saul had made his choices of disobedience, and the Spirit of the Lord was departed from him.  If I am in a right relationship with God, I will not be jealous and envious of other people.  If the Lord is using them, then I will rejoice.  We can have sweet fellowship, as David did with Jonathan.  But when I have walked away from God’s Will, I open myself up to the temptation and snare of the devil.  I will become jealous of the success of others, even if it is in the ministry.  In the church age we have the indwelling Holy Spirit who works in our lives.  He will not leave me as He did Saul.  However, I can walk away from His leading and choose my own will over His Will.  At that time I cease to be in fellowship with the Spirit, and I can become jealous.

Lord, help me never to become jealous of another’s “success” in ministry.  Help me always to rejoice at spiritual victories won, whether  by me or someone else.  Use me to do thy will, and don’t let a jealous spirit get in the way.