Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Much More

I recently designed and printed this picture to add to my bathroom d├ęcor.  I love daisies, and this verse was on my mind a lot when I wanted a new picture.

Daisies Bathroom Verse 5x7 jpg

I’m so glad that I serve a God who has “much more” planned for me than I could imagine.  Who answers my prayers with “much more” than I asked for.  Who amazingly cares for His beautiful creation, and has promised to care for me “much more.”

We are embarking on a great step of faith.  We have really been living on faith since we arrived in New York City almost two and a half years ago.  Ben’s job has never paid enough or had good benefits.  But whenever there was a need, God has always provided.  I have kept a list, and it is over 3 pages long – of specifics needs God has met since we moved here.  I’m sure I have missed some along the way.

But now we take another step of faith – in excitement to see how God will provide, but admittedly in a little bit of nervousness at not knowing all of the “how’s” and “why’s”.  Our rent and utilities are increasing.  We are adding two more babies in a few months.  We need a bigger car. 

Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I think of all the purchases we need to make in a short time.  I worry because I know there isn’t enough money for all of it.  But then I remember that I sere the God of the “much more.” 

He has made the daisies so beautiful, so elegant, and yet so simple.  They are fleeting – here for a short time and then gone.  But he has promised to much more care for me – for food, drink, and raiment.  He has proven Himself trustworthy in the past.  I know He will take care of the future.