Wednesday, April 18, 2012

“But God…”

Ephesians 2 illustrates the great difference between our position as dead in sins before salvation (vs.1-2), and the amazing position we share now, sitting together with Christ in heavenly places (vs.6).  How did this transformation take place?  All because of God.  “But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us;” (vs.4).  His love and mercy made all the difference!

Before salvation:

  • Dead in sins (vs.1)
  • Walked according to the world (vs.2)
  • Lived in Satan’s realm (vs.2)
  • Disobedient (vs.2)
  • Lusts of the flesh (vs.3)
  • Fulfilling the desires of the flesh (vs.3)
  • Children of wrath (vs.3)
  • Gentiles in the flesh (vs.11)
  • Aliens from God (vs.12)
  • Strangers from the covenant of promise (vs.12)
  • No hope (vs.12)
  • Without God (vs.12)
  • Far off (vs. 13)
  • Separated from God (vs.14)
  • Afar off (vs.17)
  • Strangers and foreigners (vs.19)

“But God” gave us this new life and totally transformed us, so that we can walk in Him and not fulfill the lust of the flesh:

  • Quickened – made alive (vs.1)
  • Loved (vs.4)
  • Saved by grace (vs.5)
  • Raised (vs.6)
  • Seated with Christ in heavenly places (vs.6)
  • Rich through the grace of Christ (vs.7)
  • Saved by grace through faith (vs.8)
  • Given salvation as a free gift (vs.8)
  • His workmanship (vs.10)
  • Living unto good works (vs. 10)
  • Made nigh (vs.13)
  • We have peace through Christ (vs.14)
  • Reconciled (vs.16)
  • One body through the cross (vs.17)
  • The punishment (enmity) against us is slain, abolished (vs.15-16)
  • Access to the Father through the Spirit (vs.18)
  • Fellowcitizens with the saints (vs.19)
  • Household of God (vs.19)
  • Build on the foundation and Corner Stone (vs.2010
  • Growing (vs.21)
  • The habitation of the Spirit (vs.22)

Now that’s a reason to smile and have a “happy heart” today!

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