Saturday, September 22, 2012

God is Good, All the Time

I had a professor in college who would sometimes begin class by saying, “God is good…” to which we would reply, “All the time.”  Then he would say it again in reverse order – “All time time…” and we would finish with “God is good.”

Sometimes in the midst of trials or difficult circumstances it seems hard for us to believe that statement.  Can God really be good, even in this?  It is at times like these that we must counsel our heart according to the truth of God’s Word.  Our feelings are not always true, and they are often circumstantial.  But God never changes.  The Bible tells us that Jesus is “the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  No matter what – He was, is, and always will be good.

There is a young woman in our church who is heavy on my heart right now.  Her husband just passed away in a diving accident.  She is ready to deliver their first child in a couple of weeks.  This should be one of the happiest times of her life, but it is overshadowed by deep sorrow.  She is now a young widow.  She will give birth alone.  She will raise her daughter…alone. 

And I found myself asking why this had to happen – to her, right now.  But then I remembered that God is good.  All the time.  Even in times of sorrow.  Certainly when we don’t understand.  And as believers, we can find the joy and peace of God in knowing that He is sovereign, He is in control, and He still has a plan.

I had my own share of difficult circumstances this week.  Nothing to compare with losing a spouse, but hard none the less.  I didn’t feel like rejoicing or thanking God.  I didn’t feel like He cared or was in control.  But I had to remind myself that He is.  His Word says He is.  I just have to believe it.

God is good, all the time.
All the time, God is good.

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Becky said...

I was searching for comfort this morning and thought of your blog. God IS good all the time even when it doesn't feel that way. Thank you Andrea for posting this in September because God knew I'd need it today! Love you.