Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Return the Favor

Recently I signed up for the 30 Day Mom Makeover from Erin Davis and Beyond Bath Time.  Each day I receive a short devotional with key thoughts and actions, all related to being a mom.  I really appreciated the thoughts from Day 6, and I wanted to share them with you.

Kids make mistakes. Lots of them. Sometimes those mistakes are pointed squarely in our direction as moms. We understand that missing the mark is part of the learning process but when we are extra tired, extra stretched or extra raw as we mother all of that disobedience, anger and loss of our personal property can sting.

God gives us a radical example of forgiveness in action. He doesn’t hold our patterns of sin against us. He never says, “You always do that!” or “I’ve told you not to do that a million times!” Instead He throws our sin one way and chooses to walk in the opposite direction. We are loving our children well when we offer them the same undeserved, all-encompassing kind of grace.

Author and fellow mom, Rachel Jankovic writes, “If breaking the window has been forgiven, act like it. Forget it. Do not hold past incidents over your children, especially if you've told them you've forgiven them. Let it go all the way, every time, ‘as far as the east is from the west’” (Psalm 103:12).

I find myself thinking this way too often, and I needed to be reminded that God doesn’t treat me that way when I fail Him, over and over and over again

You can sign up for the 30 Day Mom Makeover here.  There is a green subscription box on the left hand side.  I think you will be encouraged, especially if you have little kids.

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